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Environmental Management Software Development

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Chetu developers create custom software and modification upgrades to assign, track and streamline the Environmental Management processes. We modify and implement custom database reporting platforms for limitation triggers, software automation, and notification solutions. Explore our Environmental Management software solutions.

Environmental Risk Management Assessment Database

Risk management is an integral part of health safety development of environmental control software. Risk management assessment ensures code compliance at local, state and federal levels to maintain cleaner-greener ecosystems. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and energy trading risk management (ETRM) solution integrations document policies and trade investigations in the energy sector. Analyze and follow-up on company practices with an Environmental Risk Management Database such as dissolved organic matter, pH and oxygen levels in the air and ocean.

Internal Activity Status, Escalation, and Log Reporting

Internal Activity Status, Escalation, and Log Reporting

We ensure limited risk exposure to regulatory compliance. Companies create and maintain internal company processes and procedures using JIRA ticketing system integration. Our environmental software enables escalations and tasks assignments during corrective instances. Our versioning database solutions log and record compliance activity for unplanned events.

Notification Automation and Trigger Solutions

Notification Automation and
Trigger Solutions

Chetu customizes environmental risk management platforms with built-in workflow automation. Provide event-based trigger notifications that monitor regulatory compliance threshold limits using real-time email and text message alerts. We configure environmental solutions notification and alerts solutions for recurring task management.

Internal Risk Assessment Auditing

Internal Risk Assessment

We enable multi-user visibility into compliance audit assessment tools to ensure environmental protocols and performances are met. We develop audit assessment software for safety data sheets (SDS), material safety data sheet (MSDS), and product safety data sheet (PSDS) reporting and analysis.

Environmental GIS Mapping Technology

environmental management software

We implement LiDAR 3D rendering of soil, rock, groundwater or shallow water mapping into data for analysis using geospatial technology. We integrate GIS mapping software and geospatial technology software into model behavior for CAD interoperability with iOS, Linux and Windows platforms. Our development of geophysical technologies provides accurate inspections of marine and large raster of terrain datasets using LiDAR 3-D representations, ArcGIS and remote sensing.

Environmental Compliance Software Systems for Audits, Inspections & Permits

Chetu's custom compliance system integrates Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions to store inspections, permits and audit documents from local municipals, state, federal and EU governance's bodies. The environmental management systems compliance of air, water, and waste emissions requires data integrity, real-time updates, and reporting.

Environmental Air-Compliance Software

Environmental Air-Compliance Tailored Software

Develop air compliance customized software for Tier 1, 2, and 3 international greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Provide secured server integration to monitor, configure, and track calculation for reporting using Crystal Reports. Develop permit compliance tailored software to provide document management solutions with versioning capabilities. Deploy event-based configurations to alert the appropriate staff members and departments of permit non-compliance.

Environmental Marine and Runoff Water-Compliance Software

Environmental Marine and Runoff Water-Compliance Software

Our custom water-compliance customized software ensures ISO compliance with state and local municipalities for process water and wastewater treatments. We configure triggers, and set automated limitations using custom water-compliance personalized software.

Environment Inventory Management and Hazardous Waste Manifest Tracking

Our inventory management systems comply with the U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) hazardous waste manifest that records a log of the TSDF process (treatment, storage, and disposal facility). We develop custom waste software to ensure state regulations for businesses transmitting hazardous waste to receiving facilities.

Inventory Management Solutions

Inventory Management

We develop waste management systems within EPA standards for TSDF (treatment, storage, and disposal facility) of greenhouse gas (GHG) and nitrogen emissions to provide municipals with decision-making reports. We integrate state-imposed compliance regulations of substances through custom PLM's and ERP's to produce Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) lifecycles.

Inventory Mapping Solutions

Inventory Mapping

Integrate geospatial tagging technology using QR barcode scanners, GIS and GPS software. GPS tracking physically tracks tools and devices while 3D barcodes map fix structures such as meters and valves for convenience while GIS maps trees and storm-water runoffs. Integrate geospatial software and CAD software layers to map landscape models. Our development of maritime and ocean observation software provides assessment solutions for transporting and reporting capabilities.

Hazardous Waste Tracking System

Hazardous Waste Tracking

Implement waste software development solutions are compliant with the Hazardous Waste Recycling Regulations found in 40 CFR 261.6. Hazardous waste manifests (e-manifest) electronically distribute EPA's through environmental mgmt. software modules. Track and manage chemical and material data platform dashboards using cloud technology from the field or on-premises through a log-in portal.

Environmental Operational Database Systems

Manage data governance and records using an Environmental Operational Database System. Accurately maintain records from local state and federal regulators to remain in compliance with custom environmental mgmt. software. Digital asset management systems store and version documents with time stamps and email capabilities.

Waste Management Software

Waste and Hazardous Management Software

Develop electronic biennial reports and waste manifest database software using the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) compliance standards for hazardous waste shipments. Use lab data software integration to tracks items, quantities and Certificate of Disposal (COD).

Water Utility Management Software

Water Utility Management Software

Custom utility software provides procedural, emergencies and location-based workflow solutions. Our marine water software houses calibrated data mined at initial mixing zones of local and regional runoff locations for reports and analysis.

Emissions Database Systems

Emissions Database Systems

Environmental software system provides database systems solutions for consistent regulatory reports, air emissions inventory, and sustainability. Emissions software development ensures corporate responsibility by calculating & configuring operational risk management to the cloud using custom industry solutions.

Electronic Reporting for DMR

Electronic Reporting for DMR

We develop software to aid in the deployment of environmental teams with service ticket assignments such as Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMR) through mobile devices or via desktop in real-time. Integrate lab data software from the field to the cloud and optimize reporting capabilities.


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